Flash Revolutionizes the Online Game Experience

With advances in internet-based technology and related software, including flash, gaming has undergone a sea change. What used to come in compact discs at premium rates is now available online, free of charge.

The quality has gone up a few notches, and with new developments taking place in the field, we’ll definitely see newer and more innovative concepts emerge every day, making playing funny online games a completely different experience.

Now that I look around, and see the wide variety of online games available, I get excited. I don’t have to spend on things I’m not sure will be fun or not. Many games are usually unsafe for children and even adults who have a strong sense of morality. The advantage with online gaming, here is that many sites state a warning before granting access to certain discretionary content. People love funny online games, some of which have been explained further.

One of the games is Bloons.

It’s similar to a puzzle without bad content, anything. You are the monkey who really has to pop the balloons that appear in front of you. Although I have to admit, some ninja games have a lot of swearing and harsh language, which is not recommended for children. Some of these sites clearly display advertisements that are not safe for children at first.

Another funny online game is a bubble problem.

Here there are tons of levels where you are supposed to blast these balls which keep breaking into smaller ones until you are blown away. As the player continues the level, the difficulty increases.
Another situational game, the one I came across is Whack Your Boss, is very similar to the object find games available on the internet, the only difference is whichever object you find and click, the game shows you how to kill your boss using that object. This game clearly shows a warning for violent content so that children don’t get access to it.

Just because people play games online doesn’t mean they can’t learn.

They can play strategy-based games or quizzes and puzzles. One of vey’s famous strategy games is Pocket Tanks. It is all about strategizing how to destroy your enemy’s warships with proper positioning and angling and upgrading of missiles. It may sound harsh, but it’s completely the opposite. The game promotes decision making and the application of mental abilities, which is always a welcome change from the many absurd games available on the market.

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