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Released in 1993, the Doom Video Game was identified as making the perspective of the first-person shooter genre in video games hugely popular. These video games have had such an effect on the video game industry that all first-person shooter games released after Doom are generally recognized as Doom Clones. Immersive 3D graphics and networked multiplayer games are very effectively integrated into this game which results in a very interesting and engaging video game experience.

This video game was designed by John Romero who hasn’t given any name to the main character in the game as he argues that the player has to visualize himself as the main character in order to be fully involved in the game. Within two years of the release of the video game Doom, it became so popular that it was played by more than ten million people in various countries. It also earned the title of best game in 2004.

Its wide popularity and increasing demand prompted its producers to release many updated and new versions of the game such as Doom, Doom II, Hell on earth, Final Doom etc. Initially, the game was designed for a PC / Dos supported environment but now it can be played on most platforms in computer technology.

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The main plot of the game is based on a science fiction or horror theme. The game manual contains a background story and as the game progresses, the rest of the story is displayed with a short message between each part of the game. Several visual cues are also given as the main character of the game progresses from one level to another. The main idea of ​​the game is to find a door where you can advance or move to the next level.

In your quest to find the hidden door, you as the male character or the hero of the game have to fight fierce battles with monsters and have to flee from the attacks of enemies bent on killing you. The person playing the game is considered the main protagonist and the game is played through his encouragement alone. The player is considered the hero of the game which makes the game more interesting and fun.

Doom Video games involve locating remote devices or skull-shaped keys to open elusive doors. There are tons of secret power ups in the play area in the form of a maze that will help you reach new heights in the game. You can navigate from one level to another with the help of automatic maps. You can also collect a large arsenal of weapons and weapons that are provided to you such as rifles, chain saws, plasma rifles and rocket launchers.

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You start the game with brass knuckles and a gun and begin to acquire an arsenal of these powerful weapons as you cross from one level to another. Power ups help avoid enemy attacks on you. It also helps you carry more ammo, armor, first aid kit etc. There are also some supernatural blue orbs called soul orbs which when obtained increase your life from 100% to around 200%.

To start the game, you are also given the option to choose between difficulty levels. Depending on the difficulty level you have chosen, you will have to face the number of monsters that attack you. Monsters attack you in various forms and throw fireballs at you. The Doom Video game is a lot of fun to play and you can play it all alone or with your friends on the network. Feel free to check out to know the latest casino updates.

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