Choose Ultimate for Xbox Plus PC.

The Ultimate tier is an alternative. It’s ideal for anyone who owns and frequently uses both platforms, and it’s only $15 per month (plus $1/mo for the first three months). Subscribers can access all games on PC and Xbox, including EA Play.

Xbox Live Gold, which grants users access to the console’s multiplayer features and four additional titles each month via the Games with Gold program, is another benefit for console owners. This decision is simple if you already have both machines and use them frequently.

Access to the Xbox Cloud Gaming beta through Game Pass Ultimate enables you to play games remotely on compatible smartphones, tablets, computers, and most recent Samsung TVs.

Save money with pre-paid Xbox Live Gold.

Microsoft doesn’t give a discount for paying a year in advance, unlike other subscription services, but there is a trick for new customers. Up to 36 months’ worth of prepaid months from the company’s other services will be converted into the equivalent number of months on the Game Pass Ultimate tier.

Accordingly, you could purchase up to three Xbox Live Gold codes for a year’s worth of service for $55 each, activate them, join Game Pass Ultimate for the first three months for $1, and then switch from Live Gold to Game Pass, saving a total of $192 ($55 vs $55).

It is even encouraged to employ this approach on Microsoft’s “Getting the most” game Pass page. The 12 months of Gold would be converted into only four months of Ultimate tier if you currently have an Ultimate subscription, so keep that in mind.

Get the smartphone application.

There are some helpful features in the Xbox Game Pass software for mobile devices that you shouldn’t overlook. You can download it from the App Store or Google Play. Of course, the app supports cloud gaming, but overall it’s a great companion app that lets you browse the game library, access, and install games to your devices remotely; it will also show you how much storage space you have left and you can even delete games you no longer want to make room for new ones, all from your mobile device.

Employ the remote installation function

The remote install function is one of the main advantages of the mobile app, as was already noted. Then click Install to this PC after finding the game you want to play and selecting where to install it (it works on both PC and Xbox). The entire game will be downloaded and available when you return home, provided that the target device is turned on and you are signed in.

On Game Pass for PC, there are numerous games available. It is impossible to select every single one you wish to try and download one at a time, which is why the “Play Later” feature is so helpful.

The functionality of “Play Later” will be familiar to anyone who has used a similar tool on YouTube. Using the desktop app, select a game, then select the second circular icon from the left. Select Add to Play later on a mobile device by tapping the three dots next to Install. Go to the My Library area to view your Play Later list.

Benefit from Rewards

Are you earning money while playing PC games? Because Game Pass is integrated with Microsoft’s Rewards program, it is possible. If you’ve already registered for Rewards, free with your Microsoft account, you can view your profile by clicking on your profile name in the top left corner of the Xbox desktop app. From there, you can notice how many points you have accrued, how many can be redeemed, and how you can increase your points balance.

You may also view your available rewards and your progress toward them by scrolling down. These allow a free month of PC Game Pass/Ultimate, game coupons, and competitions for grand prizes like Alienware gaming PCs.

Remember that you may earn points through the Rewards site by participating in tasks like quizzes and polls. You can make a lot of issues each month just by using Game Pass.

Check the “leaving soon” column, but remember that Microsoft Studio games are always available.

While there are plenty of games on PC Game Pass to keep you busy for a while, it’s a good idea to take a quick look at the “Leaving Soon” section that displays what will soon be permanently removed from the site.

Even if you previously downloaded a game, you can no longer play it when it is removed from PC Game Pass, which can be annoying if you’re in the middle of something like Greedfall or Darkest Dungeon, both of which were taken off this month. However, Microsoft does provide you with the chance to purchase certain games at a reduced cost (up to 20%) before they sell out, allowing you to keep them indefinitely.

The great news is that games from Microsoft’s expanding roster of studios, like the upcoming Starfield, will be available on Game Pass on its debut and will remain there for the duration of the program.

Check your computer’s capabilities.

After months of testing, this has just been added to the Xbox Desktop App and will be especially helpful for users of less powerful PCs. The install button for games will now have a notice that informs you if the game is likely to function smoothly on your PC in the future.

Without first reading through the minimum/recommended system requirements, the short message shows the type of performance to anticipate. This function is not included in every game, but it is being added to more and more.

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