Popular online games

Top online games, in no particular order.

Overwatch +30M

Overwatch is our #1 online video game. This game came out in 2016, but don’t overlook it. Over 30 million players daily visit Overwatch’s frenzied Battleground. Overwatch allows players to choose from tank to support roles, like Team Fortress 2.

The game includes capturing the flag and escorting cargo to its destination. Overwatch’s esports scene is still emerging after a year on the market. Overwatch is expected to continue gaining popularity based on recent competition attendance.

If you play online games, you’ve undoubtedly played this one. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the latest Counter-Strike game. Since its launch in 2012, CS: GO has become the standard first-person shooter for competitive esports. Valve, the studio behind Half-Life, Portal, and DOTA 2, made CS: GO popular on Steam. The game sold 25 million copies in 2016, making it one of the most successful online games.

Fast-paced action and excellent graphics attract players. Teams use tactical weapons and accessories to plant bombs and finish missions. Spin-off games, like a surf-and-gun game, boost the game’s replayability.

League of Legends users 100 million+

First-person shooters aren’t the most popular online games. League of Legends shows not everyone likes shooting. Others prefer strategic thinking. League of Legends is a MOBA, not an FPS (multiplayer online battle arena). Two teams compete to demolish each other’s base and win. Easy to learn and play, but challenging to master.

League of Legends has over 100 million monthly active gamers. During the 2017 World Championship esports competition, Samsung Galaxy won the Summoner’s trophy. League of Legends is a popular online game with a global fanbase.

Does this game sound good? Don’t bother following the instructions! Many new LoL players buy accounts to jump immediately into ranked play. Many skip levelling because it takes months to reach level 30 and enable competitive play.

20 million-plus PUBG players

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground’s year was great. The out-of-nowhere game has sold over 20 million copies so far. Did we mention the game’s unfinished state? Still in beta! Despite this, millions have bought and enjoyed the game.

On a lonely island, 100 players compete in a Battle Royale-inspired game. Be the last player standing and eliminate everyone else. This unique game mode was popularized by H1Z1. Assume growth continues. PUBG may soon surpass Overwatch and CS: GO. PUBG is a game to watch, especially with an upcoming esports championship.

Minecraft has 127 million users.

Minecraft is our last popular internet game. Despite having passed its heyday, it’s still a popular game. Over 127 million copies of Minecraft have been sold.

The user controls the game’s actions. It’s unique among games. This freedom lets gamers design enormous, intricate universes.

Even though Minecraft has no esports, MineCon brings gamers together. They celebrate Minecraft, trade stories, and have fun. Minecraft has a large fan base and great sales. Not soon.

We hope you enjoyed our online video game list. Choose one if you want big-audience pleasure. Do you like these games? Find PC gaming bargains.

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