Computer Games Types

Today’s computer games are action-packed, and there are numerous categories and genres to choose from. However, many games can be classified as belonging to more than one genre. A soccer game, for example, can be classified as both a sports and a simulation game. Here’s some information to help you comprehend the many types of computer games.

Online Massively Multiplayer (MMO)

These games can be played on a local area network (LAN) or via the Internet. In the virtual game room, players connect to a network and engage with one another. You can compete with players from all over the world. Thousands of hours of programming go into making these games, ensuring that you, the player, have the best gaming experience possible.


In these games, players take control of real-world vehicles such as tanks, ships, and planes. You’ll learn how to drive these vehicles and play simulation games that may also be used for professional training. Many pilots, in fact, are trained in aeroplane simulators before taking to the skies.


These are typically single-player games set in fantasy or adventure settings. To progress through the stages, you must solve puzzles. The game usually begins with a backstory for your character and informs you of your purpose. It’s up to you to figure out how to finish the mission.

Real-Time Planning (RTS)

In most of these games, you must build up your inventory of items, armies, and so on. RTS games, like strategy games, move in real time, and players can play at the same time without taking turns, allowing you to play with your friends at the same time.


These games are appealing to those who enjoy solving challenging riddles. There are a variety of levels, ranging from beginner to expert, and most games feature colourful shapes and basic motions. There is no action involved in these games.


To enjoy these fast-paced games, you’ll need to be quick and have good reflexes. Complete challenges by fighting adversaries, and represent yourself and jump into the action with a character of your choice.

Shooter who works in the shadows

These are usually war or spy games in which you utilise stealth to beat your opponents.


Fight opponents one-on-one, up close and personal. You’ll need quick reactions and the ability to manipulate the controllers to perform a variety of fighting manoeuvres.

FPS (First Person Shooter) games (FPS)

You are the protagonist, and the game is told from your point of view. You may get a lot of enjoyment out of these games. The main drawback is that because you are seeing things through your own eyes, you cannot see how you seem in the game.


Baseball, basketball, soccer, and more real-world sports are available to play. As you progress through the skill levels, your game will become more and more like that of real professional athletes. The most well-known sports games are frequently based on well-known sporting events.

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